Heritage & Culture

Heritage & Culture

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Heritage & Culture

From the dizzying heights of Machu Picchu, to the magic of white marble at the Taj Mahal, unique heritage and cultural delights await. Be welcomed into homes of legendary Masaai warriors, discover UNESCO sites and celebrate unique festivals with locals. Unearth the diversity!

Wander in ancient kingdoms

From the glories of ancient empires and the search for enlightenment, to secluded monasteries, floating markets of the Mekong, and ethnic people that stay true to their traditions, Asia is as diverse as she is inspiring.

India on the other hand, offers a diverse selection of heritage and culture in abundance, from museums to UNESCO World Heritage Sites and temples, Bharatnatyam to Bollywood and colonial flavor.

In Africa, remote tribes offer a glimpse into an ancient way of life, such as the Maasai warriors from traditional villages who readily share their everyday lives with you, from folklore to hunting skills.

Multicultural South America, with her ancient Inca-trail, traditional weavers at work, indigenous communities and the mysterious Uros from the high mountains, leaves a lasting impression.

Rich in history, culture and tradition, each of these destinations are delightful discoveries in their own right. What are you waiting for?