Nature & Landscapes

Nature & Landscapes

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Nature & Landscapes

Embrace tranquil sojourns amid rich, unruffled landscapes. From the endless African savanna, iconic Andean mountains, volcanoes, daunting deserts and lush rainforests, the largest waterfalls in the world, and pristine beaches – unique natural paradises await.

Hear the natural world sing!

Whether it’s through the trekking trails in the Himalayas, the trance of the golden stupas rising out of lush green paddy fields and mountains, or the exhilarating flora and fauna within rural villages, Asia’s landscapes will most definitely captivate, stimulate and intrigue you.

Romantic beaches, mountain resorts and exotic desert nights await you in India. Seek out secret jewels within sleepy rural villages, walk through lush green plantations or watch the sunrise behind towering mountains, your options are many.

In Africa, discover the diversity of stunning nature and landscapes – the pink tinge of thousands of flamingos in Kenya’s soda lakes, and the sweeping falcon seen as you lie gazing out from under a baobab tree, are sights you simply cannot miss!

Take to the mesmerizing mountains, rivers, deserts, rainforests and glaciers that give South America her rough and raw appeal.

Be it open plains or bushy forests, meandering river valleys or vast expanses of ever-changing sand dunes, these destinations will capture your imagination and adoration alike!